Falil 27 5675

Last night we stayed in Perduva Fera. This time, I did leave the ship, and accompanied Ervah to a tavern. The bartender was the first Barbidon I’ve seen in Etnyben, and apparently had quite a reputation with the sailors who come through the town. The drinks were exquisite and strong, and the entertainment was thrilling to say the least.

The Barbidon’s name was Shorto. Considering his stature was greater than any Barbidon I saw in Bagda or Sarda, I guessed the name was really just a joke. I asked Shorto about the ancient Barbidon navigation system that Captain Hegherg uses. He explained that while most people use numbers in groupings of ten, the navigation system used numbers in groupings of twenty-five. Apparently, the numerical system is very useful for statistics, navigation, and currency, but it’s hard enough to understand that it’s only noticeably used in statistics and navigation, and its use in currency is altered to conform with our standard numerical system. Learning this still does not make it much easier for me to understand the navigation system.

Tonight we’re docked at Perduva Ben. I find it rather strange. The main attraction on the island is a museum that houses oddities collected throughout the world. What most intrigued me was the collection of carnivorous plants.

The proprietor said the highlight of his collection is the Helmet worn by Gulith the Barbidon on his infamous trip to fulfill prophecy, although a Sisterhood operative named Elendra’Tel suggested it was a forgery. There is not a person alive who doesn’t know about Gulith’s failure. I even plan to visit Sehol during my time in Etnyben to see the place where the great cliffs collapsed on Gulith and his army. If this truly was the helmet, its value is immeasurable. One of the soldiers said if someone recovered and returned the sword of Gulith to the Barbidons, it would do much to increase their involvement in this war against the Dark Magicians.