Falil 25, 5675

Tonight we stopped at Perduva Opi. It’s one of the smaller sections of Perduva, built on a small, rocky island. There isn’t much to do on this island, but that didn’t keep almost everyone aboard from going to shore. Perduva welcomes its visitors, and this small island is no exception. We bring the extra commerce that makes the whole navigation system worthwhile. The trade goods the ship does carry are for this specific reason.

It’s a good thing I decided to stay on the ship tonight. A heavy rain started just a short while ago, so those of us who stayed on the ship were able to go below deck to keep dry, while everyone sleeping on the island shore will be soaked by morning. I doubt they will get much sleep.

There is talk of leaving Sidrat somewhere in Perduva to recover, so he doesn’t have to stay on the ship, unable to do anything. When most of the expedition returns to Atalan as planned, they would pick him up on their way back. Today’s navigator suggested Perduva Coho, but that’s another three days from here. He explained it’s one of the larger islands, and would have much to keep the man occupied while he waits for the ship to return. Sidrat seems excited with the idea.

At our current rate of progress, we should reach the other side of Perduva by the 14th of Solil, only eighteen days from now. It’s actually very slow progress for a ship, but considering the treacherous waters, slow, safe progress is welcome. However, if there are any storms during the day, we will be unable to continue to the next island that day, extending this part of the journey that much longer.

Because we’re stopping at so many islands, I plan to increase the frequency of my journal entries for this section of my trip. That way I don’t miss recording things that might be of interest to Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor.