Dolthe 3, 5675

We are sailing away from Panei and toward the southwest shores of Sarda. Tonight we should pass the infamous Dragon Teeth formation where many ships have dashed upon the rocks killing many sailors throughout the years. Captain Hegherg will not take the ship into dangerous waters, but he expects to pass close enough to experience the increased choppiness of the waves.

I did see several Barbidon fishing vessels over the past few days. Apparently the cold weather brings with it creatures from the north that are considered a delicacy in this land. The largest are about as long as a man is tall. Their appendages are flippers, and whiskers grow on their faces. I can’t imagine they’d be capable of moving on land, but the ease with which they swim is quite graceful. The Barbidon word for the creatures is gigiwivith, but I’m not sure if there’s a common name for them. The Barbidons catch these creatures by using large quantities of fish entrails in the water to attract them toward the boats and the nets they drag in the water.

One of the sailors aboard our ship warned me to keep a sharp watch, since the concentrated fish entrails can attract other creatures that would be a hazard to any ship. I asked if he meant spoonfish, those small but ravenous fish that swim in great packs and easily consume even the largest prey in just a matter of minutes, but the sailor said spoonfish were not a threat to the ship. He also said na’karden were not a threat during that time of year, and danbobs don’t come this far north. I am curious, but he will not tell me what beast might warrant such a warning.

While I believe the tales of most sailors are exaggerated and sensationalist, that does not mean I will let down my guard, especially when warned of a potential danger. Even if nothing comes of this warning, it is better to be overly vigilant than provide an invitation to the smallest danger.