Dolthe 28, 5675

Captain Hegherg is generally a very understanding person, usually willing to overlook accidents so long as precautions are taken to avoid them in the future. However, today saw him angrier than a spoonfish out of water, or at least that’s how Veldon described him.

The soldiers accompanying the expedition of the Sisterhood operatives conduct training drills on the deck. Today’s training was somewhat more involved than on most days, and a soldier inadvertently threw a spear into the captain’s office. Without going into details, Captain Hegherg now forbids the soldiers from training for at least a month.

I did manage to discuss the incident with Veldon and Ervah. They said the soldiers are very fortunate the nearest land is not habitable. They’ve both seen people put to shore in strange lands for lesser infractions. Veldon suspects Captain Hegherg realizes the necessity of having the soldiers aboard, and that is why he didn’t enact a harsher penalty. I asked what Veldon meant by his statement, and Ervah said the soldiers are our defense against pirates. There won’t be any pirates this far north, but he says there’s always a remote possibility of encountering them later while we’re further south. I’m not sure if I believe him in this case. All the merchant vessels that pirates would plunder sail the seas west of Tanarad, not east. The Great King also operates in that area a naval force large enough to deter piracy in all but the most distant waters. Piracy is not something the average seaman needs to worry about.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed a slight interest in me by the soldiers after their incident earlier. Without anything to fill their time, they now turn to diversions other than training. Fortunately, I have plenty of bait, so they can do all the fishing they want during this time of inactivity. Perhaps I should see if they play any games I’m familiar with.