Dolthe 23, 5675

We are currently sailing somewhere between Garna and Mekender, although it is hard to know our exact position since the ice to our south stretches unbroken between the two lands. Captain Hegherg undoubtedly can determine our exact position, but I was unable to comprehend his mathematical explanation of the ancient navigation system devised by the Barbidons. The most I was able to figure out was it divides the day into 25 hours instead of the usual 24, and he can determine our exact position based on charts plotting the courses of the sun and moon throughout the year. The system was intriguing, but everything was written with numbers I cannot read.

Ervah’s tale of ice monsters was true! The sight of four white beings walking along the ice sheet broke my skepticism regarding Ervah’s tale of the demise of the eighth Prince Markaris, cursed forever be the name. The monsters were the height of two Barbidons, had a thick coat of white hair, and wore rough-forged armor. How such a beast can develop such technology in such a foreboding climate is beyond me.

I am thankful the captain did not give in to the requests from the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar operatives to bring the ship to the ice and let them attack the monsters. The women have been a great help keeping us warm, but the captain rolled his eyes at their request and told them no without a moment’s consideration. Had he given in, I can only guess what might have happened.

I remember reading descriptions of similar monsters in a story of Great King Emanpugnikam’s defeat of the Dark Lunari Mathol and the destruction of Nazada over two thousand years ago. Because these beasts appear well suited for this frozen climate, I am wondering if they are the same type of beasts. I cannot imagine how creatures from the frozen south could migrate across the hot lands of the equator to the frozen north, at least not without the assistance of some dark menace.