Dolthe 15, 5675

Ice is probably the hardest thing to look at when illuminated by sunlight. Fortunately, the winter days are still short enough that we don’t need to deal with it for long and it seems most of the days are overcast anyway. We’re also trying to stay far enough south of the sheet of ice that it’s little more than a bright line on the horizon. I expect we’ll need to sail closer to it when we encounter the second ice sheet, possibly tomorrow or the next day.

I overheard some sailors comment on the lack of snowstorms this week. One sailor considered it a good thing, while the other expected we’d get a massive storm to make up for it. I’m not sure which sailor I’d believe. I know almost nothing about arctic weather, and I’m fairly certain neither of them have much experience with it either. Personally, I don’t want us to encounter any massive storms. Cold water, strong winds, and a ship made of wood is a recipe for disaster. I guess I could take comfort in the knowledge that wood floats so we’d have wreckage to hold onto, but anyone wet by the water would still die in minutes if they aren’t immediately rescued.

I didn’t do any fishing today. I had a good catch yesterday, so there were plenty left over for today’s meals. With the cold, there is the added benefit that food doesn’t spoil. I think this is the primary reason why ships sometimes take this northern route to Etnyben. Since the food doesn’t spoil, the ship can carry more food and not need to replenish supplies as frequently as ships sailing in warmer latitudes. We currently have enough food for at least another three months, and by then we should be sailing south along the coast of Etnyben.

I managed to apologize to Veldon today. He just scowled and told me never to talk to him about flying eels again. It’s difficult to be friendly with sailors. They are the roughest men I’ve met, and spend their lives braving the harsh, untamable expanse of the seas. Even the soldiers on this voyage are avoiding interacting much with the sailors. I don’t envy Captain Hegherg’s position; he gets stuck keeping everyone orderly.