Ardes 25, 5674

My name is Josloy. Today marks the first entry in my journal that I am keeping at the request of a girl named Hudena’Sor, who I suspect one day will be Prince Nomolo’s queen. I am usually not one to take notes on my observations, but considering the importance of this journey, and the need for others to know what I discover, I have agreed to Hudena’Sor’s request.

I am now on a ship departing Atalan. Normally a ship would not be departing Atalan for Etnyben at this time of year, but the Great King Derkias ordered a separate expedition to attempt the capture and study of a Dark Magician. Five operatives from the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar, along with a squad of soldiers, are involved in that expedition. I expect we will part ways sometime next year when we arrive at the fortress of the Dark Magicians.

The captain of this ship, Captain Hegherg, is an experienced seaman. He told me that our current plan to sail over the top of the world during the coldest months of winter is possible, although ill advised. There should be a channel of open water for us to follow between two massive sheets of ice, but the cold is something that will be a challenge to survive. I was told the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar will be involved in keeping the crew alive and warm. I have yet to see their powers in action, but I do not doubt their capability. The sailors are busy with various tasks as we sail out of the Bay of Anamnesis and out into the open seas.

While this is my second time aboard a ship for a lengthy voyage, the first being the voyage from my home in Bagda to Atalan, I am filled with excitement at the start of this new adventure. Questions linger in my mind. What will I find? Where will I visit? Whom will I meet? Will I be successful? As time advances and the adventure drags on, this excitement will fade, but for now, this aura of excitement fills the entire ship.