Chapter 7

Gerzh stood among the burning ruins of Eeraman, the glare from the fires casting frightful shadows on his face. Broin walked beside him. “The attack at Amis went according to plan,” he announced. “The army is on their way here as we speak.”

Gerzh nodded. “Have you been informed of any success by the soldiers of darkness? Have they chased down and killed that woman with the Awa girl yet?”

“They were last sighted just east of here helping some of the people that fled. The soldiers of darkness attacked, but the woman and girl escaped once again. Ock and his companion are tracking them though. It would seem they have left the road and are crossing the grasslands.”

Gerzh put his hand on Broin’s shoulder. “They will head to the next safe place they can rest. Send five companies to attack the Red Exemplars at Therazan.”

“Only five companies?” Broin asked.

“Yes,” Gerzh replied. “It would take more to defeat them, but I will be content just to have them trapped while the rest of the army passes by to Atalan.”

Broin smiled. “A brilliant plan,” he agreed, “but what if the woman and girl escape once again?”

“Send six companies,” Gerzh growled. “If they aren’t at Therazan, the sixth can chase after them.”

Broin nodded. “I will send them immediately.” He turned and walked away through the rubble.